Hunting Heritage

We are a Unit

Some related by blood but all bonded by the Love for the Outdoors and the Adventure of the Hunt: There are countless Great things that come with these pursuits. Things like the brisk cool air of an early fall morning, friends huddled around a camp fire, and the exhilaration you feel with sound of the bugle.

Above all we deeply believe in keeping tradition of our heritage, love for the outdoors and respect for nature. We will never forget where we came from and how we got here. Everything we design keep these passions and values in mind.

Early Morning Hunting Camp

Silvies Unit founders were all born with a call for Great Adventure

From back country snowboarding to hunting God’s Country, we were raised with a great appreciation for public lands and all it has to offer in so many ways!

Hunting Inspired Clothing Line

From 2016, our desire was to build a hunting inspired clothing line that our Grandfathers would be proud of. This is not always the easy route in the modern day world. In some shape or form, we come from Hunters and Gatherers.

Many of us have become disconnected from our origins and the way we used to provide for our families.

Search for Adventure

More times than not, after the hunting experience, we’ve returned with more memories than with trophies. These memories are cherished forever and passed on to future generations.

We hope this clothing line will encompass tradition and experiencing fantastic things. It starts with fantastic places away from modern day conveniences….and that’s why we call it the Adventure of the Hunt!

Be careful on your search for Adventure… It’s ridiculously Easy to Find.

Hunting tents


Values… Beliefs

Family and Friends… Immense gratitude for our families and friends love and support. This is why Silvies Unit exists!

Hand of God… In Recognition of God’s beauty and the hand he has in everyday life.

Trust and Honesty… In a day and age of technology and decreased face to face interactions, we still value trust, honesty, and respect.

Passion… We embrace heritage and live life to the fullest.

Unity… We promote the family unit that’s driven to enjoy life outdoors. We work hard to enjoy life with our loved ones and creating memories!