YAK Cooler Cover with YAK Can Covers


For the long trips outdoor when running to the store to grab a fresh bag of ice is not an option, give that cheap plastic cooler a fresh face. Or, protect that expensive new cooler and increase its longevity. Keep the cold ones COLD!

2 YAK Can Covers included with your YAK Cooler Cover! Keeps your drinks colder longer, and the reflective graphic helps you find your drink even at night.

Allow five weeks for delivery


Extra insulation and the reflective material protects against the elements to keep items colder longer. Bungee and magnets secure the lid while allowing easy access.

Waterproof and insulated with a reflective YAK graphic on the pocket.

Cover is made of high quality abrasion resistant Oxford polyester. Insulation is thermal bubble layers.


The YAK Cooler Cover is ready to for your adventure. Mountains, high dessert, beach, or your own backyard. The YAK provides added insulation for extended cooling capacity for most ice chests. The cover also protects from dust, dirt and moisture, while keeping the precious items inside COLDER LONGER! The insulated and waterproof cover comes in three different sizes to fit a variety of coolers.

The YAK Cooler Cover protects against scratches and the elements. Keeps your cooler looking new longer. Why not turn your old plastic box into a high performance cooler?

Content: 100% Oxford Polyester

Note: 2 Can Covers are included In the accessories pocket.

Cover Sizes

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Green, Grey, Tan


Small, Medium, Large

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